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2019 Registration Tabs
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Posted Jun 25, 2018
    Cost Breakdown

     Here is our estimated allocation of funds per full registration for the 2019 Season:

    NFL Flag Sponsorship
    Admin Reimbursements
    Website/Credit Card Processing
    Player Refunds
    Bank Fees

    Estimated Total:  $90.00 per full registration

    Major changes -

    If you have any questions, please contact us at

    Fall 2020 Season Update
    Hello everybody,

    This email is to give you an update on our Fall 2020 Season.  Usually we open up registration today but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and some internal decisions made by the City of St. George Recreation Department, we have run into some delays in organizing the league for this Fall.  Here is where we stand currently:

    The City of St. George has decided to overseed the Little Valley Fields from September 1st - October 11, 2020.  This cuts right through the heart of our usual playing period from the week after school starts through Fall Break/End of October.  Last year we had ~500 kids playing in our league spread over 68 teams.  We have grown too big to move to fields without lights as the City suggested.  We need the lights to make the league run as feasibly as we can on one to two nights per week.  

    Currently we are negotiating playing dates on Mondays and Wednesdays between October 12th and November 18, 2020.  We are hoping that we will be able to pin these dates down and run our league as normal during this time period.  If this becomes official, registration will likely begin in Mid-August, witht the teams fully formed by Mid-September and schedules out by the end of September.  

    Lastly, in regards to Covid-19, the City has previously said that if we remain in the Yellow Phase of Pandemic Restrictions, we can only have ONE field per lighted area at Little Valley and no more than 50 people congregating.  As you know we like to put 4 full fields and maybe even a couple of Coach QB fields on each lighted area at Little Valley.  So having just one field per lighted area reduces our league capacity by 75-85%.  As of right now we are unsure what we will do if we anticipate the yellow restrictions.  This is something we will work on over the next 75 days until our anticipated registration starts.  

    Please email us with any questions you might have at

    Brady Fonnesbeck & Cameron Morby


    Southern Utah Flag Football
    Fall 2019 Registration Information (Email ?s to

    Registration Open July 10 - July 31st!

    Get your team together!

    $90 per Player ($10 off for each sibling)

    Includes NFL Jersey and Flags

    $60 5u Division (Perfect for 4yr-olds!)

    3 on Offense vs 5 on Defense (Coach is QB for Offense)

    7 Season Games - Playoffs for Top 6 Teams

    Regular Season August 21 - October 2, Playoffs October 7 & 9

    Games on Wednesdays @ LV Fields

    2-20 min Halfs ~ 1 Hour

    12u, 10u, 9u, 8u, 7u, 6u, & 5u Divisions!

    Age determined as of June 1, 2019

    Bring your own teams! (5 vs 5 Format)

    6u-12u Rosters full at 8; 5u Coach QB full at 6

    At-Large Registrations Welcome!

    Will be assigned by Geography

    Girls Play! (Full Teams or Individuals)

    Will likely play Co-Ed

    Fun for the Whole Family!


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    What type of Player is 5u Coach QB Division For? (Besides 4-yr Olds!)

    Coach QB is designed to allow our youngest players a chance to recieve the ball cleanly on offense while they are developing their individual skills as a football player.  The playing format is 3 offenseive players (plus the Coach QB) vs 5 defensive players.  The Coach plays QB on offense to faciliate a clean hand off and/or good throw.  Each offensive possession will begin at the "no run zone" line just inside mid-field and the team will be given 4 downs to score.  If the team scores the ball is turned over to the other team at the same starting point and direction.  No extra point plays on touchdowns will be played.  Additionally, no official score is taken, nor will the 5u Coach QB teams have a playoff at the end of the regular season.

    This league is definitely for 4-year olds, however, when deciding which league to put your 5-year old in (the 6u or 5u Coach QB), please consider the following:

    1)  If you expect your 5-year old to an aggressive player, put him/her in the 6u.

    2)  If you expect your 5-year old to be nervous or overwhelmed in the 5 vs 5 format, put him/her in the Coach QB 5u

    3)  If your 5-year old knows the basic rules of football AND can take a handoff and catch a 10 yard pass with ease, put him/her in the 6u.

    4)  If your 5-year old has no handoff or pass catching experience, put him/her in the Coach QB 5u.

    5)  If you want to put your 5-year old in the Coach QB 5u just to see him/her dominate, put him/her in the 6u because you will be defeating the purpose of the Coach QB 5u (entry level football). 

    We hope this explanation helps.  Please email us at with any questions.


    Brady Fonnesbeck & Cameron Morby


    Southern Utah Flag Football

    Standings & Schedules

    There are no upcoming events.

    Which Division?

    Which Division should I register my player in?

    We have 12u, 10u, 9u, 8u, 7u, 6u, and 5u Coach QB Divisions.

    You might be asking why not just do it by grade?

    Our answer to that is sometimes a player or parent may want the opportunity to play up for a variety of reasons (more competetive, friends or siblings on older team, etc). This is our main reasoning for dividing the leagues the way we have.

    To determine what age divisions your son or daughter qualifies for, first determine how old he/she will be on June 1, 2019. For example, if a player is 8 on this date he/she can play in the 8u league and also up in the 9u and 10u leagues if he/she chooses, but cannot play in the 7u league or lower because he/she is too old.

    If you still have questions regarding these divisions, please email us at Thanks, Brady Fonnesbeck