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2020 Registration Tabs
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Posted Jun 25, 2018
    Cost Breakdown

     Here is our estimated allocation of funds per full registration for the 2020 Season:

    NFL Flag Sponsorship $25.39
    Officials $20.00
    Admin Reimbursements $16.50
    Insurance $9.86
    Facilities $9.60
    Website/Credit Card Processing $4.53
    Overhead $2.41
    Awards $3.33
    Advertising  $1.50
    Player Refunds $0.86
    Bank Fees $0.43
    Payroll $0.59

    Estimated Total:  $95.00 per full registration

    If you have any questions, please contact us at

    COVID Restart Set for Tomorrow November 30th, 2020!
    Posted Nov 9, 2020

    Hi Everybody,

    We got word today that we are cleared for restart this coming Monday, but it does come with some hardfast stipulations:

    1) Players not in the game and coaches are expected to be in masks.

    2) Spectators are required to wear masks and sit in groups of immediate family only that are also socially distance by 6 feet or more from other groups.  

    3) Anyone, including players, that are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 are expected to not come to the games.  Additionally, if we feel like ANYONE is exhibiting symptoms while at the park they will be asked to leave immediately.  

    Our main goal is to finish our season and to allow those playing to do so safely.  As such, these stipulations are not up for debate.  Masking and socially distancing between family groups are required so please do not show up and disregard these stipulations as a political statement of somesort.  At this moment in this pandemic they represent good hygiene to protect against the pandemic and a kind thing to do to protect those around you - regardless of your personal feelings about these practices.  

    As noted previously, the schedule will at the same times as the days we missed, just moved to Monday and Wednesday of next week.  Specifically:

    Games from Monday, November 9, will be played this Monday, November 30.

    Games from Wednesday, November 11, will be played a week from tomorrow on Wednesday, December 2.  

    For those teams that qualify for the playoffs, the quarterfinals and semifinals will be on Monday, December 7 followed by the Championships on Wednesday, December 9.  

    That is all for now.  We are excited to see all the players out again.  Please email us with any questions you might have (


    Brady Fonnesbeck & Cameron Morby


    Southern Utah Flag Football

    SUFF 2020 Field Locator Diagram
    Posted Oct 12, 2020

    Please note:

    Home Team Spectators are expected to sit on the West Side of the Fields; Visiting Team Spectators on the East Side of the Fields.

    COVID-19 Protocols
    Posted Oct 12, 2020

    Dear Parents and Coaches,

    As we begin our season today we find it pertinent to remind you that we are still amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.  As such, we expect the following guidelines to be followed to help limit exposure to and the possible transmission of the COVID-19 Virus:

    1. Parents should Temperature Check and Symptom Screen their players before every practice and before every game.  If a player is exhibiting any symptoms (Chills, Cough, Difficulty breathing, Fever, Muscle Aches or pains, Sore throat, and/or new or reduced sense of taste or smell) the player should not attend practice or the game until the symptoms have subsided.    Coaches, the same protocol applies to you.  Please do not run a practice or attend a game if exhibiting any of these symptoms.
    2. Although not provided, we strongly encourage the use of hand sanitizer when desired during games and practices.  Coaches, we also ask that you clean/sanitize the equipment you utilize during practices – this includes a wipe down of the flags in between games and practices. 
    3. Spectators will be expected to be in masks when social distancing of 6 feet or more is not possible. “Quarantine Groups” are considered immediate family members only.  There should be plenty of room surrounding the fields to accommodate social distancing between groups.  If an official of Southern Utah Flag Football or the city of St. George, including law enforcement, determines you or other spectators under your supervision should be in masks – compliance will determine your ability to remain at the park to watch your player(s) play.  This is not negotiable nor is it a political issue.  It is a hygiene issue and we expect everyone to do all that they can to stop the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. 
    4. As a minimum standard, we highly recommend that Coaches wear masks at practice and during games. We understand that keeping the kids in masks on the bench at their ages will be difficult.  In both cases, we encourage coaches to discuss this protocol with their parents to determine what masking standards are acceptable amongst the coaches and the players on the team.  In the event that opinions vary, we hope that each team will error on the side of caution. 

    In the event that a positive case occurs amongst a coach or a team member, we will adhere to all health department policies as close contacts are traced via their protocols.  In a case where multiple players of a team get quarantined, our plan as of right now is to not re-schedule any games that become unplayable due to lack of available roster members.  This is mostly because we have filled every slot we have to play with our current Fall schedule. 

    We appreciate you all in your diligence in following this protocol.  It took a lot to put this season together and we are excited that we are able to have it.  To pull the season off without interruption, a commitment to good COVID-19 hygiene from the start of the season to its finish will be necessary.  We are relying on each of you to help us accomplish this task!

    Please email us with any questions you might have (


    Thank you,

    Brady Fonnesbeck & Cameron Morby


    Southern Utah Flag Football

    Fall 2020 Registration Information (Email ?s to

    Registration Open Aug 14 - Sept 12!

    Get your team together!

    $95 per Player ($10 off for each sibling)

    Includes NFL Jersey and Flags

    $60 5u Division (Perfect for 4yr-olds!)

    3 on Offense vs 5 on Defense (Coach is QB for Offense)

    7 Season Games - Playoffs for Top 6 Teams

    Regular Season Oct 12 - Nov 11, Playoffs Nov 16 & 18

    Games on Mon & Wed @ LV Fields

    2-20 min Halfs ~ 1 Hour | Click here to See Google Map of Location

    12u, 10u, 9u, 8u, 7u, 6u, & 5u Divisions!

    Age determined as of June 1, 2020

    Bring your own teams! (5 vs 5 Format)

    6u-12u Rosters full at 8; 5u Coach QB full at 6

    At-Large Registrations Welcome!

    Will be assigned by Geography

    Girls Play! (Full Teams or Individuals)

    Will likely play Co-Ed

    Fun for the Whole Family!


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    Fall Registration now open!
    Posted Jul 30, 2020


    We are excited to announce that our Fall 2020 Registration is now open!  Registration will run through Saturday, September 12th.  

    To register, use the registration tabs to the left of the page.  You will need to create a login to register if you have never participated in our league before.  

    There is some awesome general information on the rotating news feed above this announcement as well.  

    Here are some of the key details for our season as it relates to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the current “Yellow” status that the state of Utah is under:

    Each team will be guaranteed a 7 game Regular Season followed by a Single Elimination Playoff for the top 6 teams in each division.

    Regular Season Game Dates will be:

    • October 12 (Monday)
    • October 19 (Monday)
    • October 26 (Monday)
    • October 28 (Wednesday)
    • November 2 (Monday)
    • November 4 (Wednesday)
    • November 9 (Monday)
    • November 11 (Wednesday)

    Playoffs for Top 6 Seeds in Each Division:

    • Quarterfinals and Semifinals (Monday, November 16)
    • Championships (Wednesday, November 18).

    This year we will also continue offering all the divisions we had last year: 5u Coach Qb, 6u, 7u, 8u, 9u, 10u, and 12u. Please keep in mind that your player’s “playing age” is determined by how old he/she was on June 1, 2020. For example, if your player was 8 on June 1st, 2020 then he/she would be eligible for the 8u, 9u, 10u, and 12u but none of the divisions lower than 8u – regardless of what grade they may be in.

    The cost per player for the 6u through the 12u Divisions will be $95.00, with an additional processing fee added by our credit card processor (we actually split the processing fee with you so you only see your half).

    The cost per player for the 5u Coach QB will be $60.00 per player.

    Just as a reminder, the competitiveness of our league thrives on what we call “Brought” Teams. A “Brought” Team is a team that is organized by their coach and then all the players register separately but then list whom their expected coach is. After registering themselves, the coaches then give us a list of their expected players and we put together their “Brought” Team.

    Player’s that register without a team are classified as “At-Large” players. We generally match these players up with other “At-Large” players by geography and then ask for a parent volunteer to coach. Our league would not be possible without all the volunteer coaches who participate year in and year out!

    A few Covid-19 related changes to expect this year:

    1. Given our short window of opportunity to play and the field availability given to us at Little Valley Sports Complex by the City of St. George, we have approximately 16% less games slots than we had last year. This could cause us to close registration early than expected if we feel we have reached our capacity for the year.
    2. Under the Yellow Status, the City of St. George will not allow more than 50 people on any given playing “area” at one time (Note: this is per area and not per field). This will necessitate those who are coming to watch and support the kids who are playing to do from a minimum of 10 feet from the sideline and in familial separated from other groups that are not part of your "quarantine" group.   Only the players, coaches, and officials will be allowed within 10 feet of the playing fields in the areas where the games are being played. This is not negotiable and is something that must to be adhered to in order for us to play our season under the Yellow Status. Note:  This parameter seems to be a moving target and we will follow the example the City of St. George sets with the recreation leagues they run out at the Little Valley Soccer & Football Fields.  

    This is all for now! We hope this email reaches you and that we will have your player(s) return for another great season.

    Please email us at with any questions you might have.


    Brady Fonnesbeck & Cameron Morby


    Southern Utah Flag Football

    What type of Player is 5u Coach QB Division For? (Besides 4-yr Olds!)

    Coach QB is designed to allow our youngest players a chance to recieve the ball cleanly on offense while they are developing their individual skills as a football player.  The playing format is 3 offenseive players (plus the Coach QB) vs 5 defensive players.  The Coach plays QB on offense to faciliate a clean hand off and/or good throw.  Each offensive possession will begin at the "no run zone" line just inside mid-field and the team will be given 4 downs to score.  If the team scores the ball is turned over to the other team at the same starting point and direction.  No extra point plays on touchdowns will be played.  Additionally, no official score is taken, nor will the 5u Coach QB teams have a playoff at the end of the regular season.

    This league is definitely for 4-year olds, however, when deciding which league to put your 5-year old in (the 6u or 5u Coach QB), please consider the following:

    1)  If you expect your 5-year old to an aggressive player, put him/her in the 6u.

    2)  If you expect your 5-year old to be nervous or overwhelmed in the 5 vs 5 format, put him/her in the Coach QB 5u

    3)  If your 5-year old knows the basic rules of football AND can take a handoff and catch a 10 yard pass with ease, put him/her in the 6u.

    4)  If your 5-year old has no handoff or pass catching experience, put him/her in the Coach QB 5u.

    5)  If you want to put your 5-year old in the Coach QB 5u just to see him/her dominate, put him/her in the 6u because you will be defeating the purpose of the Coach QB 5u (entry level football). 

    We hope this explanation helps.  Please email us at with any questions.


    Brady Fonnesbeck & Cameron Morby


    Southern Utah Flag Football

    Standings & Schedules

    There are no upcoming events.

    Which Division?

    Which Division should I register my player in?

    We have 12u, 10u, 9u, 8u, 7u, 6u, and 5u Coach QB Divisions.

    You might be asking why not just do it by grade?

    Our answer to that is sometimes a player or parent may want the opportunity to play up for a variety of reasons (more competetive, friends or siblings on older team, etc). This is our main reasoning for dividing the leagues the way we have.

    To determine what age divisions your son or daughter qualifies for, first determine how old he/she will be on June 1, 2019. For example, if a player is 8 on this date he/she can play in the 8u league and also up in the 9u and 10u leagues if he/she chooses, but cannot play in the 7u league or lower because he/she is too old.

    If you still have questions regarding these divisions, please email us at Thanks, Brady Fonnesbeck